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Plier End Nippers Heavy Duty 220mm

  • Sidchrome have set the benchmark in the Australian and New Zealand pliers market with the launch of the New Generation Pliers.
  • The most technologically advanced pliers ever released by Sidchrome are available now.
  • Manufactured in France the new range of pliers are designed to deliver ergonomic ease of use and unparalleled durability.
  • Recent advances in metallurgical technology, coupled with a highly sophisticated double heat treating process, have resulted in a technological masterpiece.
  • This highly leveraged, high performance, heavy duty end nipper takes cutting effort to a minimum and enables tying and cutting in one operation.
  • The offset pivot point, combined with the very long handles, delivers a clean cut, with minimum effort – every time.
  • Rounded, semi-rigid handles are designed to turn quickly in the hand. High frequency hardened cutting edges (61/62 HRc) provide long life and reliability.


Product Name



Plier End Nippers Heavy Duty 220mm