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Plier Diagonal Cutter

  • Sidchrome have set the benchmark in the Australian and New Zealand pliers market with the launch of the New Generation Pliers.
  • The most technology advanced pliers ever released by Sidchrome are available now.
  • Manufactured in France the new range of pliers are designed to deliver ergonomic ease of use and unparalleled durability.
  • Recent advances in metallurgical technology, coupled with a highly sophisticated double heat treating process, have resulted in a technology masterpiece.
  • Long lever arm with an offset pivot point provides minimum cutting effort
  • Newly developed Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium formulation results in very hard cutting edges (61/63HRc), delivering clean, consistent cuts
  • Cutting edge designed to cut all types of wire, including piano wire, soft wire and modern materials
  • The handles have been developed with the support of specialist ergonomics laboratories, and provide maximum comfort, by taking advantage of a non-slip spatula shaped pressure area.
  • Handles are highly resistant to common corrosive elements, such as petrol, acetone, chloroethene and
  • Skydrol An innovative, lightly sprung handle to ensure that the plier is always open and ready to work – tested to over 1,000,000 cycles!


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Plier Diagonal Cutter 140mm


Plier Diagonal Cutter 180mm


Plier Diagonal Cutter 200mm